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Your Higher Self

As you read a book and focus on the content, there is another part of you that is aware of the fact that you are reading the book. This is your Higher Self, your Soul, the true essence of your being. It is the part of you that was with you before you entered into this incarnation and that will move on to the next phase of your existence. It is the portion of your being that sings the unique note that defines you and resonates with the entire universe. If this still seems a bit vague and difficult to grasp, let me put it another way. Suppose you are at the market and you cannot decide what to buy for dinner. As you are choosing, there is a dialogue happening between you and… there you go, you got it. When you are thinking to yourself and having a conversation in your mind or in some cases verbally, to whom are you actually speaking? It is your Higher Self, of course, the part of you with whom you communicate and talk to, because you know that it knows what you should have for dinner and everything else that pertains to you, even those things you don’t think you know. Listen to what it says and trust the answers it gives.

Your Higher Self is the part of you connected with the Higher Source of Everything. Higher than what you might ask? Higher than the vibration you are currently experiencing in your Third Dimensional everyday reality and rational, logical thought process, which you were taught is the ultimate source of wisdom and knowledge in life, but in reality separates you from your true source of guidance. You can get it back though, there are ways, but first you must have the intention to do so. Instead of following the crowd, doing and thinking what everyone else does, try consulting yourself, a discipline that must be reclaimed and developed. The way to do this is by practicing. As you become more accustomed to consulting your own wisdom, you will receive guidance in the form of feelings and when you trust your ability to perceive your feelings, you will be in the flow of the universe. There is knowingness in life, as demonstrated when we observe nature, with its order and synchronistic, fractal patterns and when you incorporate this natural rhythm into your consciousness, you will participate in a happy and peaceful existence right here and right now.

Your Higher Self is an impeccable source of guidance.

Your Higher Self has the information about all incarnations you have ever experienced and all the knowledge and wisdom you require while here on Earth. The amount of this information that you are able to access is directly proportional to your light quotient or, in other words, the amount of light you hold in your energy body. This is why it is imperative to consider the Ascension process, or the increasing of your light quotient, as the most important aspect of your life. Once you consciously tap into your Higher Self and open the channel so that the connection is stronger, you will have a source of impeccable guidance that will allow you to observe miracles in your life. We have been convinced that visions, Angels, Ascended Masters and all the elements of mystical occurrences of days gone by, cannot take place in present day life, but how unfortunate if we cannot experience anything outside the realm of the ordinary reality which we consider to be the within the parameter of the possible. If that is the case then life must be very boring. It is, however, not the case and we are not limited to only what we are told is possible; we must venture into the unknown and find out what is on the other side of the veil. There are those of us who are doing just that and you are welcome to join us.

In spite of what you might have been told, this is the best of times for humanity. When have we ever had the opportunity to evolve into a crystalline cellular structure and a new physical form? Look around and you can see who is flexible and who is rigidly resisting. The choice is yours, you can align with your ego and have a difficult time of it or you can once again connect with your Higher Self and shed the layers of dense energy that have kept you down. It appears to be an easy choice, but for those who cannot or will not embrace change, it is nearly impossible. The funny part, if there is a funny part, is that even if you resist change, it is occurring all around you; you are still in the flow, but not part of it.

So let’s get going on the journey of a lifetime. Many souls have incarnated to Earth at this time to participate in the Ascension process and you are one of them, so start enjoying the experience as much as possible. The NOW in which we are living will be looked back upon by future generations as the re-emergence of humanity from the Dark Ages into the Light, the same way we look back upon the Age of Enlightenment as the time when the injustices of the church gave way to reason. Now the limitations of pure reason will give way to the expansion of consciousness. Here on Earth we are currently witnessing in a system that is not working for many and for others is the catalyst to the Ascension process. Intention is the key and the ticket for the fantastic journey that is available to all who are willing to take the giant leap of faith into the unknown, but the rewards make it all worthwhile.

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