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Teach Me How to Play Violin

There are many different ways to learn a skill. With the internet, access to information has opened wide for a large percentage of the world’s population. This encourages an entrepreneurial spirit amongst many where people are free to run after the skills and information they need and desire to know. While dabbling in different interests is fun, the famous saying rings true, Jack-Of-All-Trades, can end up Master-Of-None. In order to really master a skill such as playing the violin, there is a faster approach to learning some of the essential skills needed. Successful people in all areas of life have learned this secret.

The Secret of Mentorship

The fastest way to learn a skill is through hands on mentorship. Mentorship usually lasts for a set time and involves an intensive season of having that person pour all the knowledge and expertise they have in a specific area into you. Not only do you learn the needed theory and knowledge, but the practical side of implementing that knowledge. So often, this is where problems arise on playing violin. You can learn all the techniques including the notes and scales and hand positions, but learning musicality, and the more subtle techniques needed for bringing out the emotion in a piece of music is something that cannot necessarily be taught.

Musicianship- Caught not Taught

Having a mentor however, gives you every opportunity to pick up their whole sense of musicianship, how they approach a piece of music, their subtle nuances in expressing the heart of that music and little technical secrets that will make performing a lot easier. It is a priceless skill to pick up and it cannot really be taught. Nevertheless, for the student that keeps their heart open and earnestly desires to model themselves on their mentor, it is something that can be caught. So if mentorship is so valuable why don’t more people seek out a mentor and ask them to teach them how to play violin?

Firstly, let us look at the cost. Mentorship is more than just finding a teacher, although a teacher can certainly be a mentor. A mentor is someone you really admire and look up to and want to be like in that area. Usually they are people who are at the top or near the top of their industry and so their time is valuable and limited. It may even be difficult to gain access to them. Most mentors will have a basic standard they require their students to attain before taking them on personally, so several steps of learning from others may be required before you are ready for more intensive mentorship in the violin from a skilled player.

The Next Best Thing

The good news is with the growth of the information age and easier access to resources like the internet, it is becoming easier than ever to learn from experts in the music world. Many offer their own courses, which you can purchase and this is the next best thing to actually receiving live lessons from them personally. But if your ambitions extend to becoming a concert violinist and making a career out of your playing, your best course of action will be to find a mentor that you admire and who will take you under their wing and show you the ropes. It could be the difference between being stuck with the many in mediocrity and gaining that cutting edge that will allow your playing to really soar and cause you to stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals with your violin playing.

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