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Setting Sail On a Fresh Year Ahead

At the commencement of any new year we find ourselves suddenly back at the start of things, having not long finished things a few weeks previous. For what we gained in an end of year break we might have lost in the daunting reality that the grind not only continues, but the climb steepens. Not only was last year full of noteworthy achievements, this year the acceptable mark has been moved up a few notches. Or so it seems.

Setting sail on the New Year ahead is weighing these things in balance.

If we had a break, and we had the opportunity to reflect over the accomplishments of the previous year, and especially if we have some time before things recommence, we are positioned well to plan and execute a big year. If, on the other hand, we have had no sojourn or relief it can appear that we are to be swamped in even more work; an unrelenting reality.

A year seems a long time to endure when we look at it from the start, but as we look over the year’s accomplishments at the end of a year we are surprised as to how much we were actually able to do. The faithfulness of God has meant that we only have to deal with the day, agree to work diligently, be wise in the setting of our goals and the making of our promises, forgive ourselves our mistakes and errors, and we will have had what we may determine to be an achievable year.

We only have to go back to the faithfulness of God to get us through last year, and indeed previous years, and even to get us through the hellishness of any losses we may have experienced, and we can see how our general sense of obedience has worked with God’s desire to bless us.

If we are anxious in any measure regarding the fear of not coping or not accomplishing what is before us, we are commended to think about what we have already achieved, and what God seeks for us to achieve this very year.


One whole year that was last

An important time assumed

What at the time was dear

Has now been all but consumed.


What has been achieved is now in the past and as we look onward to the coming challenges it’s daunting. But at least we have the record of our past success and God’s faithfulness to draw upon. We will get through all these future challenges if we agree to be diligent, wise as we can, and forgiving of ourselves.

© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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