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Crossroads: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

How many times in your life have you put this dilemma to the back of your mind with the intention of addressing it at a more convenient moment? Yet, you will probably agree that trying to keep it contained in a corner of your brain won’t give you any peaace of mind at all. It will still push its way between thoughts bringing with it increasing doubt, self-reproach and even impacting on your confidence. But still we delay the confrontation. Why? Because we know deep down that the outcome could lead to a complete change of life, like some strange metamorphosis.

Be faithful to yourself

Change. It is something we become afraid of once we have snuggled down into a comfort zone. But you know sometimes change there must be. Keeping it pent up will only create revolutions in your stomach as you shed your youth and grow in bitterness for the lies you have been telling yourself. Not taking ownership of your life for the sake of doing what is expected of you will only lead to incomplete metamorphosis.

The good news is you can undergo that strange metamorphosis all throughout your lifetime, although the sooner the better as other factors in life make it harder to achieve. And one fine day maybe you will do what is right for the sake of bringing your body and your soul together. That little voice of your conscience will stop bothering you, until the next time you are unfaithful to yourself, of course. Once you become you, really you, your metamorphosis will be complete.

Be in charge of your life

So how do you attain that degree of completion to be able to steer your life to where you really want it? You will first need to take up your fears of uncertainly and failure in your own two hands. If you don’t then someone else-and that someone else can be a person, a group or an organization-will pick them up and use them against you to drive your life instead of you.

By learning to come to grips with your fears, then, you will gain in self-possession but also audacity. And by not shying from but accepting the notion of failure you will be more at ease to take risks. If you do fail, though, at least you will live a better life with yourself, and have more latitude to bounce back, instead of becoming jealous of others, embittered at yourself, and under someone’s thumb.

Spread your wings

Of all the gifts parents can give their children, encouraging them fly on their own wings must rank among the most noble. So, come on, set the example for future generations now.

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