Holographic Feature on Smartphone in the Next Few Years

Nowadays, Skype has been used by many people who love to video call the others. This application can be considered as one of the most wanted and the most advanced one that you can get. However, it seems like not all of those people are satisfied with the application unless they get the holographic feature on their smartphone. If you are also thinking about the same thing, then you will be glad to know that nowadays that kind of feature is being prepared for the latest smartphone that will be launched in the next few years. (more…)

Elegant Themes and Its Features

Elegant themes are that type of themes which provides not only beautiful looks but also have several others useful features that make them unique from others. These themes are also very user friendly and have various powerful sets of tools which includes the improved features that are ePanel Theme and Short Codes Collection which makes this theme most functional on internet and also very affordable. This makes most of the Elegant Themes to go beyond designing. (more…)