How Does Jump Manual Work?

Jump Manual becomes a manual consist of a program for you who want to improve your vertical jump. This program is designed not only for basketball player but also for other sport player such as volleyball player, football player, baseball player, martial artist, and many more. The training is lasted for about eight weeks to add 9 until 15 inches of your vertical jump. The highest score for vertical jump is 40 inches, and this Jump Manual training will help you to have that.

Jump Manual can be quite different vertical jump program because it aiming its exercise on the use of the muscle and nerves system. So how does the Jump Manual work to give you best result in vertical jumping? The training is divided into three phases. Each of the phases will help you to increase the inches of your vertical jump. First of all, you will be introduced by the pre shock phase. In this phase you will be given exercises for seven days to be used your muscle fiber so that you can add your vertical jump 3 until 5 inches. The phase is also designed to make your body more ready for what’s come next. Shock phase is the next hardest step where you will be taught to gain your strength by the strength training and plyometric exercises. This phase can add your vertical jump for 9 until 15 inches.

The last phase of the shock is the post shock phase. This is the final step in the program where you have to practice in one full week everything that your body has learned about in the two previous phases.  In this step you will be able to jump vertically high. By doing the three phases in Jump Manual, you will increase your vertical jump that is useful for doing your sport.