Expand Your Website Performance with Dynamik Builder Theme

Dynamik Builder theme is designed with simple to use performance. The theme features easy option panel. The users will be able to set the title of the website and logo, favicon, header, and footer script easily with the panel. The theme allows the users to make customization on CSS through various forms. Website owners just need to answer simple question. You just need to select properties before clicking the save button.

If the users simply do not have too much time and energy to create multiple identical layouts, you are able to use clone option. The main function of clone option is allowing the users to clone the layout and modification on the necessary area. The process is very simple so you do not need to take too much time. Dynamik web builder theme offers unlimited imagination. You are able to enjoy the best website according to your need. The theme offers unlimited different layouts and designs for any page.

Dynamik Builder theme features unlimited post layouts, templates, fonts, colors, and styles. This can be accessed through CSS properties panel and drag and drop layout builder. The theme offers separated font library setting so you can upload any font which you like. Another feature which you can get from Dynamik Builder theme is unlimited post type and taxonomies. The theme is able to create unlimited list of your post types and taxonomies. You can also manage it in easy way.

The theme comes with unlimited slideshows. Dynamik Builder theme is available with some slideshow applications. These are including Nivo, Anything Slider, S3 Slider, and Slide Deck. The users can create unlimited slideshows which can be placed anywhere they want. You can also create the slideshow from your content or from separated slideshow manager. With this feature, you do not need to install slideshow plugins. Dynamik Builder theme is equipped with unlimited shortcodes. The theme features WYSIWYG short code generator. You are able to insert video forms, maps, chart, and much more without dealing any complicated code on post editor.

Dynamik Builder theme features export and import option. This option is commonly available in other theme frameworks. The export and import option helps the users to perform importing and exporting the theme as setting file. You can download and upload it for another website. Whether you are beginner or advanced users, you will be able to operate the theme easily. The theme is available with complete and simple option to customize. Users will be guided with complete documentation and video tutorial. Follow the video tutorial and apply the instruction onto your website.

The company has included responsive support and forum community into the theme. When you are joining the forum, you can get more answers and support from the support team. The support can also be given by Dynamik Builder Theme users. The forum is used as solid community to exchange information which is related to custom layout, template, or anything. Joining the community helps you to build the skill to make customization on your website.

All features from Dynamik Builder theme are working powerfully. Those bring benefits for the users. Despite of all benefits which are offered by the theme, it still has some disadvantages. There are many users who are complaining about auto updaters. Dynamik Builder theme is not available with auto updater option. According to many users, auto update feature in WordPress is not working that well. When users are planning to update their website, you should upload and replace the theme files into your website. You do not need to worry since updating process will not break your theme setting. Related to this disadvantage, the company is working on this issue. Soon, they will publish auto updater. In finding the best theme framework, you should consider getting Dynamik Builder theme.