Elegant Themes and Its Features

Elegant themes are that type of themes which provides not only beautiful looks but also have several others useful features that make them unique from others. These themes are also very user friendly and have various powerful sets of tools which includes the improved features that are ePanel Theme and Short Codes Collection which makes this theme most functional on internet and also very affordable. This makes most of the Elegant Themes to go beyond designing.

Elegant themes includes several types of features from various domains starting from general settings to many new modern updating features that includes Navigational Management, Advertisement Management, Layout Settings, Integration Tab, Search Engine Optimization, Element Colorization, Documentation Support etc. All the themes that are available mostly include the above mentioned features. The themes that have inbuilt rating system having higher rating are considered as elegant themes. The visitors can have the visual idea on seeing the average rating and also acknowledge about the basic of the theme and its elegancy.

These themes comes with several others useful widgets these are About Me widget which is mainly used for cheesy photo and blurb, Adsense widget etc. and there are also features available that shows the top rated products which have either top rating or the comments by visitors are positive thus helps user to easily recognized the quality of products. The widgets that are provided by Elegant are of good quality and also provide Testimonial widget and Tabbed widget. The display of popular, recent and random posts is provided by Tabbed widget.

The features are:

  • Epanel – The Epanel Elegant Theme is the special types of themes where options can be changed manually. The features of Epanel are slightly different where the custom logo can be easily being added. The color schemes can be changed which makes the theme to have much better style. There is also a facility of editing your homepage are available where the categories can be include or exclude from the homepage.
  • Navigation – Here pages and categories that are used can be selected but it is better to use custom menu as because it is more flexible where tags and custom links can also being used.
  • Ad Management – Through this facility one can put advertisement of 468*60 at the bottom of posts and also in the sidebars with the help of appropriate widgets.
  • Colorization – The color of the style of theme can be changed as for wish along with the color of fonts. The color need not to be search from other place in internet for the appropriate hex code as it available.
  • SEO – The theme also provides the facility to use SEO plugin. One without having SEO plugin before can use the inbuilt SEO plugin for posts and pages.
  • Shortcodes – Through this theme we can also get opportunity to face some shortcodes that are really helpful for posts and pages. Not only it provides shortcodes but also these shortcodes are of different colors to provide warning, information, downloads etc. having different icons for each. The facility to add image of author and tabbed information area can be achieved by a single click of button. The colors and images can be changed easily without going through the nasty code system and thus makes the theme more user-friendly.

Elegant themes comes with a lot of amazing theme list, include Divi theme as a drag and drop page builder for all purpose you need.