Best 2018 Smartphone That are worth to Buy

Nowadays, smartphone is becoming one primary thing that many people need. That is because the smartphone can help you with many things in your life. However, many of the best 2018 smartphone that you can get nowadays can be considered as something that might put your budget on the low state. If you are asking what the best smartphone that you can get for the year of 2018 are, then you will surely get a lot of name and brands. However, which one of those things that is worth to buy? If you want to know, these names will be the one that you need to get.

The first one is Samsung Galaxy S10. This is one name that you should never ask anymore. That is because Samsung can be considered as the pioneer of smartphone with Android OS. With the galaxy series, this new Galaxy S10 will surely be one of the best 2018 smartphone that you can get. Even though this smartphone is tagged around 600 dollars, the water resistant and its performance will be something worth to buy. The next one is Apple iPhone 8. This smartphone is selling the name of Apple as one of the best phone manufacturers in the world. Even though, the name is not the only thing that this smartphone offers. That is because the performance of iPhone 8 is something that can stand equal with Galaxy S10. However, the price that reaches more than 890 dollars is something that you really need to highlight.

The last one is LG G8. Even though LG is not releasing a lot of smartphone models, but they always release the best models. LG G8 is one example. The main features of this phone is the removable battery with great capacity plus the additional lens on the back for the wide photo shot that made this in the best 2018 smartphone.